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P: Digitech Dan Donegan's The Weapon

PostPosted: 21. 05. 2012. 15:45
by Alejandro
Znaci, prodajem pedalu The Weapon, odlicna pedala za metala i hc-a, ima dosta mastan i mesnati "chunky" zvuk .. uzeo sam novu pedalu pa mi ova ne treba vise, inace je odlicno ocuvana, koristena na probama i na par koncerata, nije mi ispadala, nema ogrebotina


prvi potenciometar je naravno volume, drugi je "nesto poput bassa" dosta mijenja zvuk, treci je nesto kao mjesavina izmedju treble-a i middle-a, isto dosta mijenja zvuk, cetvrti potenciometar ima 7 razlicitih zvukova:

1. Stupify: This tone is great not only for the song itself, but also for the newer songs from Disturbed as well. Heavy Distortion - is great foir a really chunky sound, drop D riffs from artists such as tool and ratm are good on this. As well as a live Metallica vibe. It's marvellous.

2. Mistress (overdrive): This sound is great for rhythm guitar and as an interlude sound as well. Light Distortion - for lighter distorted songs obviously. I use it as a sort of crunch setting for blues and jazz. Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode sounds great on this one. Just enough crunch to give it a good bluesy vibe.

3. Voices Phaser: This Phaser is an amazing arpeggio tone for when I play for the church choir or for a school music program. Phaser (which can ramp up to distortion but more on the brilliance of this effect later) - now this is a real treat. Not only do you get anawesome phaser effect but holding the pedal down after selecting it slowly ramps up a distortion sound in the back ground. So the phaser sound swells into a briliant heavy tone. The knobs control the loudness of the distortion and how quickly it comes in.

4. Bound (auto-wah): I use this tone for crunchy rhythm tones. Also works good for soloing when you have a sustainer. Auto Wah - is an autowah which basically means the harder you strike the string the more of a wah sound you get. Pretty simple really. Useful but not as good as the real deal.

5. Rise/Intoxication Octave pitch shifter: This is a good tone for when you want a bass tone going through your guitar. Ocatave Shifter - is an octave shifter. Neve really got the point of this unless your looking into some crazy ratm solos. Personally I just use it to produce a bass sound and take the piss.

6. Sitar: Richest sitar simulator out there. Do NOT use this tone for rhythm and chords. This tone is excellent for leads and interludes. Sitar Simulator - sitar effect. This sounds superb. Its hailed as the most realistic sitar simuilator ever and Im inclined to agree. Finally you can do the intro to wherever I may Roam justice.

7. Mistress (radio style guitar break): Great fuzz effect for the guitar. Great for pinch harmonics. Metal Master Distortion - metal master settings. Quite simply a slightly simplified version of digitechs metal master pedal which offers a whole new range of tones.

ko bude htio da je čuje, nek mi se javi na privatnim da mu posaljem koji zvučni klip


Re: P: Digitech Dan Donegan's The Weapon

PostPosted: 29. 05. 2012. 20:20
by Alejandro